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So you’ve been invited to attend a wedding this year and you have NO idea what to get the special couple. We’ve been there, trust us, and not that we have all of the answers to help you give the perfect gift, but we do have a few suggestions we hope may spark an idea.

Lately, we’ve been giving gifts that create memories. Do you really remember what you got last year for your birthday? Right. That’s my point. BUT, I do remember the time I spent with the people that mean the most to me and the memories I have. For weddings, we especially love to give a gift that not only creates a memory but creates a ‘date night.’ Keep the sparks going by ensuring the couple spends quality time together. Just because they’re married doesn’t mean they stop getting to know one another. How about giving them an experience to something they would NEVER do? Can I hear season tickets or season pass? Theater membership? Sailing? Behind-the-scenes tour? Exclusive meet and greets?

Another idea is to give a ‘gift a month’ or ‘gift a quarter.’ They make it really easy these days; you can sign them up for a full year of gifts of their favorite goodies. Who wouldn’t want to be part of the cookie club and receive a gourmet box at your doorstep every few months? Now that’s a nice pick-me up!

Since you’re reading the blog of Simplicity Photography, we’ll close with a few photo ideas. Perhaps the bride would be interested in a trash the dress session. That would certainly create some memories and a fun experience. We also offer one hour sessions at any location of the couple’s choosing, redeemable up to their first anniversary. We can go down memory lane to visit the site of a first date, capture a first Christmas together or light up a Valentine’s Day.

Unique, memorable gifts are always the way to go and no matter what you choose, we’re sure it will be appreciated.

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