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Why You Should Always Spring for Engagement Photos

Planning a wedding is no easy task. We get it! Within a very short period of time you have a lot of decisions to make. There are things that certainly rise to top priority while other non-essentials fall to the way-side. However, we are urging you, if the wedding photographer you are in contact with offers you a wedding package WITH an engagement session-spring for it. Here's a few reasons why.

We totally understand that not everyone likes their photos taken, and not everyone gets their photos taken that often. Whenever we get asked about engagement photos we let clients know that engagement photos are a valuable way of allowing us to get to know them, as well as for them to get to know us. We want to make YOU feel comfortable in front of the camera, this is super important to us. We want to know your style, your likes and dislikes and we want to incorporate things that YOU love into your photos. Take our bride and groom in the picture below. Our bride loves everything outdoors and woodsy, including the moss! :) We knew this little detail about her and therefore we could plan specific photos highlighting these features. When we came upon this log FILLED with moss, we just knew she would love it! In addition, being comfortable in front of the camera allows for your natural personality and love for one another SHINE.

Along the same lines, getting photos before your wedding allows you to have an established relationship with your photographer. By the time of your wedding day, we have spoken with our clients multiple times, have probably had some kind of meeting in person, and are ready to photograph your special day. When you see us at the point of your wedding, our relationship has already blossomed over the months of planning. At that point it really becomes photographing our new friends' wedding.

In addition, engagement photos can be used to create invites, wedding memorabilia, and to get family and friends excited about your big day as well. Consider incorporating photos into table settings or centerpieces, photo or guest books.

Engagement photos also allow you to get photos in a location that you might not be able to get married at. Perhaps you are in love with a specific building or a specific place in nature, but a large crowd just won't suit this location-consider it for just the two of you, and your photographers of course! :) Check out locations in our previous blog post here.

Engagements are a beautiful season of your relationship. Although the final outcome is the wedding, don't disregard the important months leading up to this main event. Get the engagement photos. You'll be glad that you did!

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