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To Do a First Look or Not, That is the Question

"......Together can never be long enough for me, to feel like I've had long enough with you, You wear white and I'll wear out the words I love you, And you're beautiful....." -Train

For some of you, you may have no idea what a first look even is. Let me explain. Remember back in the

day when a bride entered the room for the first time, and everyone stood up turned around and she had a hundred pairs of eyes staring at her? She, eagerly waiting to lock eyes with her best friend among all the crowd, to see his reaction. This was the traditional ceremonial routine, one in which many of us are most familiar with. However, a first look has become more popular in recent years. The first look is the time BEFORE the wedding ceremony that the bride and the groom see one another before the actual ceremony happens. Now, mind you, you are reading a blog post written by someone who is all about the traditional walk down the aisle. That is, until I became a wedding photographer. My view has changed within the last few years. Today I am sharing with you a few reasons why this has happened.

Number One

Pictures are important, I mean, REALLY important. Did I have to state the obvious? Pictures from your special day are also probably top on your list. Seeing your future spouse before the wedding ceremony allows for your photographer to get couple photographs before the ceremony. From a timing and flow of the day perspective, this actually works out really nicely. Check out our sample timeline here. As a couple you will want to spend TIME with your guests, and this option allows for this to happen. Following the ceremony you are able to take photos with the wedding party (although we have photographed bridal party photos before ceremony as well). You and your guests will be delighted to spend more time with the guests of honor.

Number Two

Although weddings are super exciting, they also have a tendency to have heightened emotions, including stress. This is something that you absolutely DON'T want. This should be a day of enjoying and soaking in each and every moment. You are there to celebrate one of the greatest gifts in life after all. As strange as this sounds, seeing your love before walking down the aisle reliefs a certain amount of stress.

Number Three

This is one of my favorites. Having a first look takes place literally ANYWHERE you want it to! Here's the fun in this one-when you choose the location you are able to re-visit this location again, and again, and whenever you want to. It really can become YOUR special spot. You can go back to the location and reminisce about your special day.

Number Four

Finally, you decide how exactly you want this moment to unfold. First looks happen in a very "controlled setting." You can decide if you want your bridal party entourage with you witnessing this moment, or if you want to just be the two of you (And your photographer of course! ;) We love capturing the authentic reactions of the two of you without all of the hundreds of people around, you really do get the MOST authentic reactions. Tears, loss of words, jaw dropping, and embraces. These are the moments that you want to remember, after all.

So be it traditional, or first look, it is up to the two of you!

"Now that the wait is over, And love has finally shown her my way,

Marry me,

Today and every day..." -Train

Thank you, Chris Bennett Photography.

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