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Location, Location, Location

Well hello there, and happy Opening Day of Baseball 2018! Although it doesn't FEEL like spring around the Northeast, I am positive that I am speaking on behalf of us all when I say, "We are ready for warmer weather!" So to help the warmer weather feel just a little closer, we are sharing one of our favorite wedding venues today, a baseball field.

First and foremost, when you and your fiance sit down to determine where you should get married, it is important to choose a location that is important to you BOTH, as well as a location that accommodates the needs of your guests. We fully believe that it is essential that a location helps add to the ambiance of the ceremony and more often than not, there is often a story related to why you selected the location you did.

Here are five tips to narrowing down some ideas for locations.

ONE. Determine a location that is important to you both.

Let's face it, weddings elicit all sorts of emotions and memories. So, why not choose a location that symbolizes or brings you back to the place that helped build your relationship? For example, did the two of you spend time getting to know one another at a specific park or location? Consider reaching out to the organization to see if they would consider hosting your wedding. Mostly anything can be transformed today into a wedding location, with a little imagination. Don't be afraid to think OUTSIDE the box, you may surprise yourself with what you come up with!

This couple got married at the college where they met. Baseball was very important to both of them, and therefore they decided to get married on their college's baseball field. They will never look at a baseball field the same way, this I am sure! ;)

TWO. Consider Your Guests

This one is super important, especially if you plan to invite guests that have mobility issues. It really is important to discuss all options with the venue you are considering. For example, do you have a third floor wedding venue and only one elevator? This might be taxing to get a lot of people up! Love the outdoor location but people will have a difficult time walking to the ceremony spot? Let's just say, if this is your dream, don't let it fade, you may just have to find creative ways for making it happen.

THREE. Consider the size of your wedding.

This may seem obvious, but this is a two fold thought. First, you want a venue that is going to not be too big OR too small. You want everyone who is joining you for that day to be able to navigate throughout the area with ease (this includes servers, as well as photographers ;). It is also important to think about the venue in terms of who is "close to the action." Of course you want your wedding party and family sitting close to you, but consider your guests as well. Some venues offer multi-tiered seating arrangements. However, do you really want to have any of your guests sitting in a second or even third tier away from all of the action? Everyone there has come to see YOU get married. So please, make everyone feel welcome.

FOUR. Have a backup plan for weather.

We live in Upstate New York, and let's face it, you cannot predict the weather here. Nope. Just doesn't work. I have had the pleasure, err, opportunity to witness snow, yes, SNOW on Memorial Day. Although there may have been a tear flowing down my cheek from this moment, I learned a valuable lesson. Although the calendar month may show that we SHOULD be having warmer (or cooler) weather, you cannot plan in accordance with what might happen. Therefore, be prepared. Always ask the venue if they have an indoor location, especially one that photographs can be taken. Planning your own wedding outdoors? Have a backup plan. This will save you from panicking in the long run if you need to use this location.

FIVE. Experiences lead to memories.

There is no doubt that weddings are a lot of fun. We have had some of the most fun photographing people we have only known for a few hours! Brides and grooms have the opportunity to stamp their personalities on their special day and celebrate with those they love the most. Consider this. In this featured baseball themed wedding, the bride and groom offered yard games for their guests to play throughout the night. In addition, every part of their wedding offered a personal touch of their personalities. For example, during the ceremony, for the family to agree that they should indeed get married, everyone did the "wave" just like you would at a baseball game!

Think about this. Have a lot of family coming from out of town? Consider a weekend filled with activities that you do TOGETHER to build memories. Take your bridal party and close family on a hike, visit a park, go on amusement rides-the possibilities are endless, and you may even discover sides to your loved ones' personalities that you never knew existed!

At the end of the day, know this. Your day may not go EXACTLY how you planned it, but that will make the stories even sweeter to tell years from now. ENJOY. Seriously. Soak up the time with the people that attend. Listen to conversations, write them down, take pictures, and laugh.

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