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Why Photography Captured Our Hearts

There is no doubt that people start businesses for a variety of reasons. For us, it wasn't one particular reason, but rather a myriad of life situations that lead us here.

If I think back, photos have always been a big part of our lives. Our mom, in particular, made an effort to get family photos taken. Or, when we traveled to places on vacation, mom often had her camera out, taking pictures. When I was about 10 years old, my parents got me a camera of my own for my birthday. Since I was never really into television (and honestly could still care less about it), I always busied myself with finding something to do. My childhood mini-dachshund, just so happened to be the perfect "model" for photography. I would set up "summer portrait sessions" and photograph him surrounded by the seashells collected from our last vacation, and any other trinkets I could find around the house to create a set. Then I would wait patiently for weeks for my pictures to come back in the mail to see if any of them looked halfway decent. Can I hear it for the days of good ol' film photography? :) I can't help but believe that interests as a child are directly related to much of what our adult lives can be.

I didn't realize that many of the photos I would take throughout my life would really have a sentimental

meaning for me years later. You see, pictures tell stories. Our minds are certainly not wired to be able to remember every detail of everything that occurs in our lives. We simply cannot. However, looking back through photographs is a great reminder of events, good memories and people who have impacted our lives. Photos simply freeze moments in time. Moments that you will most likely forget about if you weren't reminded with simple visuals. When our Grandma passed away, one of the most healing processes was sitting around a table with our family and going through pictures. Looking at her life through photos was important for us. In our deepest sadness and tear stained cheeks, we were able to laugh together, cry together, and remember the good times.

Mel and I always worked super well together, and are a great team. As life would have it, we started working full time at the same organization and were able to put into practice our collaborative nature. I was pretty much an event planner, working with a variety of musicians, artists, authors, illustrators, chefs, and what have you. Each event I pulled out my camera and spent most of my time photographing the event so I could utilize much of my footage in future marketing opportunities for the company. Much of what I learned in the course of this job really supported how we photograph weddings today. We absolutely love being around people, hearing their stories and capturing candid and formal photos.

Up until this point, we hadn't started our business. However, five years ago this year was when the

conversations for opening our business were getting serious. We talked for hours about marketing plans, how this would really work for us, as we were both working full time, and creating a business that would leave a positive impact on people's lives. One of the MAJOR parts of starting our business was having an opportunity to GIVE BACK. An extension of our business is called Project 2.1.Twelve. Click here to learn more. Project 2.1.twelve stands for 2 photographers, 1 mission, and twelve organizations. Our hearts are really to support other small local businesses, our clients, and those who have a specific need. This past fall one of our clients, Gavin, was diagnosed with Type 1 Childhood Diabetes (Read about Gavin's story here). Through a collaboration with his family, and a Boston medical group researching a cure, we were able to be part of this extraordinary opportunity. It is partnering with families and our clients to look at a bigger "picture" that challenges us to be "people centered photographers" who truly get to know clients, and hear their stories. It is about relationships.

To close, our photography business has allowed us to get to meet a variety of people and we are truly grateful for each and every person that we have met through this business. From online photographers who we have never met in person, but we learn from, talk with via social media platforms, and leave comments on their amazing photos, to people who start conversations with us in the most random locations because we have our cameras out. It always touches our hearts to be able to be the ones to photograph major life events. To be chosen to take photos of newborn babies that are days old, to be there when the groom is misty eyed when his bride walks into the room, to capture graduation days, the joys of senior year, celebrating years of marriage with parties and surprise birthday celebrations makes us truly happy to be photographers. We are so thankful for our current clients, look forward to continuing to grow our business, meet new people, and give back through Project 2.1.Twelve.

So here's to getting personal on the blog today. Please leave us a comment below, we would love to hear from you and to hear your story of how something you love has impacted your life.

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