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Just What Do I Wear

If you are anything like me, I have a closet full of clothes and yet have a hard time deciding what to wear. Can I get a "I hear you!" Of course when wanting photos of you and your family you feel the heightened need to "get it right." First off, take a deep breath! Relax! You got this! Here are three simple steps to help you choose your best outfit for your session.

1. Choose something that is going to make you feel your best and is the most comfortable. When you are feeling good about what your wearing, you won't wonder if it looks awkward. You will be able to focus more on being present in the experience and enjoying the time with your family, the very reason you want to take photos in the first place-to capture the memory of being together with the ones you love. You also want to keep in mind that we will be having you pose in multiple ways-sitting, standing, kneeling. This helps us to maximize the variety of your photos. Being comfortable is certainly number one.

2. Ok, now that you chose your favorite outfit, it's time to layer the fun! This specifically relates to couples and families. Here comes fun with colors and patterns. Say my favorite outfit that I will wear is a white tank with a jean jacket, and a pop of color on the bottom, say maroon jeans. I would then want to pop a pattern in shirts of family members, for example plaid for the gentlemen. You also want to consider colors of the same palette, think paint chip hue samples, or complementary colors, think color wheel. For example, if I want to wear a deep purple shirt, I may consider having the rest of my entourage wear light yellow, or gold tones. Ok, if you are a little lost with

that last statement, take a peek at the visuals to the left and below (ColorWheel:, Hues: Pinterest).

Some other things to keep in mind are the time of year, skin tone, and photo location. First, consider the time of year. Are you doing a winter shoot? If there is snow on the ground, this is a very reflective setting. We certainly don't want to wash out your skin tone. For example, if you are fairly pale, like us, you may want to think about choosing an outfit with a little bit of color. Scheduled your session for the fall? Think deep rich colors (deep purple, marooons, forrest greens). Have a beach session scheduled for the summer? Think about light and airy colors (light pinks, blues, calming hues). Lastly, the photo location might help you choose what type of outfit you would like to wear as well. Getting photos in a "cityscape?" Think about a more sophisticated look. This is the time to dress up a little fancier-aka "night on the town." Not your style, totally ok. If you are more of a country person and scheduled your shoot for that location, think boots, plaids, etc.

Honestly, going back to point number one is the most important. We can talk colors and patterns all we want, but really selecting something that makes you feel your best is what we are after. We want to see the real you and capture real authentic smiles. Pinterest is a huge help as well, check out our Pinterest page here.

3. Ready for tip number three? Now that you have chosen something that makes you feel your best, and has colors that don't wash you out, think about creative and fun ways to layer. This simple but oh so effective little detail adds character to your photos and also ties all of your family members together. Sometimes accessories can be subtle. For example, layered bracelets for ladies. Or it can be as bold as a beautiful scarf that makes photos pop. Check out this family photo below.

I want you to visualize this same photo without the scarves that these ladies wore. It still would have been a gorgeous photo, however, it would have been a totally different picture. The scarfs with the background make this picture a "Wow, that looks amazing" photo. The color palette here really flows together. Agreed?

Now, stepping it up a notch is not just for the ladies. Gents, let's focus on you for a minute. If a tie is your style, wear it! Have a favorite belt? That can certainly add character. Have a favorite statement piece watch? If it's winter, wear your favorite sweater or vest on top of a color or patterned shirt. Don't be afraid to layer, this can add dimension to your outfit. If you are a person who wears hats, do it!

So there you have it. Three simple steps to have you looking your best. Consider you first, your style, your comfort-ability and go from there. Have fun, don't stress and remember, the best accessory you could ever wear is your smile and your personality that shines through in every picture.

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